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Monday, July 2, 2007

Evandro Silveira - G Magazine (November 2004)

First Latino that knocked me off my feet. Obvious naman sa release date ng magazine di ba? LOLz

This is my entire collection of Evandro Silveira.

Watch out for his videos soon!

Download the photo set
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password: miong21
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  1. check yahoo group
    for more g-online videos
    whew latino hunks were definitely the hottest..

  2. Miong, thank you for everything..

    Latin guys are definitely hot...just like my Flip brothers...

  3. @aylmer: woah!? corepylon has been reborn? i never knew that!

    @B.: Yep, Latinos are the hottest. Asian/Pinoy men are the cutest and most charming of course. Hehe!

  4. thanks for the pics and video

  5. miong... thanks talaga ha...

    Im in the middle east hahahahah.... sarap naman ng mga pics na ne upload mo.

    looking forward for more.

  6. Miong... i wanna be your friend.

    I know pareho tayo na hilig hahahhaha.

    Thanks for sharing all of these. Ne add ko to sa mga collections ko.

    More power miong....

  7. Hi Miong, just want you to know that I really love this site. Thanks for the posts.

  8. Thank you for uploading those pics and vids.
    It makes me smile and forget my problems instantly.


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