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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 15 Hottest Videos of 2007

My Top 15 hottest videos for 2007.


1. Some of the videos/download links may either DELETED by the uploader, REMOVED by the copyright holder or EXPIRED due to longetivity (since this is a year-round compilation).

2. Please DO NOT REQUEST for copies of these videos (CD copy or video files). If they are still online, kindly download them.

3. These videos CANNOT be sent via e-mail. An average e-mail client allows only a maximum of 10MB for attachments. And I may not have the leisure time to send them individually. I have a life too.

Title: ChaseStudio: Maskurbate
Format: WMVDuration: 11mins 27secs
Filesize: 61.92MBOFFLINE
First video I downloaded from Maskurbate. Darn I wish they'd take off those masks! But, that's the site's theme anyway so can't really do anything about it, can I?

Title: Helios (a.k.a. Nikolas)Studio: XPix
Format: WMVDuration: 7mins 59secs
Filesize: 30.68MBONLINE
Finally got a video for this hunk. I got ecstatic when I saw this video that I downloaded it right away! I never thought he has a jack-off video out there! Nyay!

Title: Pierre Fitch & Brent EverettStudio: Pierre Fitch Online
Format: WMVDuration: 19mins 34secs
Filesize: 72.34MBONLINE
Swabe! What else can I say? Sexy couple + steamy sucking sessions + hot rimming + powerful thrusts + nice music + great cinematography = 7x cumshots in all directions!!

Title: Braden's ToysStudio: Randy Blue
Format: WMVDuration: 20mins 26secs
Filesize: 80.64MBOFFLINE
Seeing Braden with his toys is fulfilling enough. Let alone being fucked in the ass!

Title: Hawk BrawnStudio: Body Storm
Format: WMVDuration: 12mins 38secs
Filesize: 37.58MBONLINE
Another of the surprise videos for this year. I've been fantasizing Hawk ever since he appeared on AAG.

Title: AlexStudio: Muscle Gods
Format: QuicktimeDuration: 24mins 13secs
Filesize: 72MBONLINE
Best part of this video is when the worshipper jacks-off Alex's cock with already a precum. Very nice!

Title: DannyStudio: Sean Cody
Format: WMVDuration: 16mins 53secs
Filesize: 127.36MBOFFLINE
I actually never got the chance to share this video. But Danny's the hottest thing ever laid on Sean Cody! Haha!

Title: RileyStudio: N/A
Format: WMVDuration: 1hr 9mins 21secs
Filesize: 93.79MBONLINE
Riley again on my hitlist?! Wow!

Title: HubadStudio: Viva Video
Format: WMVDuration: 4mins 40secs
Filesize: 17.09MBONLINE
Love the video (and of course Johnron!) especially this scene! Kudos!

Title: Mexican Wrestler Body WorshipStudio: N/A
Format: WMVDuration: 35mins 21secs
Filesize: 160.55MBONLINE
Super hot!

Title: KaoiStudio: BangBang Boys
Format: WMVDuration: 21mins 3secs
Filesize: 108.29MBONLINE
One of the hottest Latino hunk. His eyes are as sexy as his body. And those lips?! Gawd those lips! I could kiss them for the rest of my life. LOLz

Title: BrockStudio: Maskurbate
Format: WMVDuration: 14mins 44secs
Filesize: 59.08MBOFFLINE
What a hottie! It's a pity the cumshot wasn't filmed because Brock's quite uncomfortable during the shoot.

Title: Daniel & Pedro in Sao PaoloStudio: N/A
Format: WMVDuration: 22mins 20secs
Filesize: 94.82MBONLINE
These Latino lovers really can't get enough of themselves. And I thank them for being there for us! LOLz

Title: Alexis - Sailor StripperStudio: N/A
Format: QuickTimeDuration: 12mins 31secs
Filesize: 36.90MBONLINE
The cumshot part is a classic! Woah! Oh, and did I mention I love strippers?

Title: Derek At PlayStudio: OtokoArt
Format: WMVDuration: 1hr 10mins 11secs
Filesize: 828MBOFFLINE
Of course, my all-time dream hunk should top this list! Derrick Davenport in this special 1-hour solo fantasy video. I could totally worship this guy. He basically has everything. Looks, body and cock.

Top 15 Sexiest Pinoy of 2007

Sobrang dami nila! That I had to create a separate listing for our local hunks! Whew!

Like the Top 15 Sexiest Hunks of 2007 list, this one is not in a particular ranking.

But Dave Rebolledo, Carssie Canlas and Adrian Racho (gasps!) truly melts my heart and my dickie hard rock! Wahaha!

Other Pinoy hunks who didn't make it were Alison Andres, Harry Chua of the Provoq Men, Iago Raterta, Joem Bascon, John Carlo Cruz, Zaldy Valerio and Xeno Alejandro.

Check out the my Hottest G4M Hunks list as well!

Adrian Racho (Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007)
Aljur Abrenica (Starstruck GMA-7)
Carssie Perez Canlas

Cedric Javier (Valentino Magazine - Anniversary Issue)
Dave Rebolledo (Red Hot Magazine #4)
Henry Lee (Ginoong Filipinas-USA 2006 Finalist)

James Mark Banzon (Red Hot #3)
John Lopez (Mr. World Philippines 2007/Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007)
Johnron Tañada (Hubad!)

Lem Pelayo
Mark Figueroa (Ginoong Filipinas-USA 2006)
Miguel Paolo Lopez (UPH)

Paolo Mirasol (Mr. Bacolod City - Hari Ng Negros 2007)
Raymond Miranda
Vince Saldana

Top 15 Sexiest Men of 2007

NOTE: List not in particular order.

I haven't been much around the internet nor the TV and magazines and movies so this listing is quite limited.

But these men were outstanding for me this year.

Other hunks who didn't make it were Anthony Church, Chris Richardson of American Idol 6, Frank DeFeo of Manifest Men, Jeremy Mulkey of All-American Guys, Jesse McCartney, Marcus Patrick, Marty Papazian, Omar Emad - Mr. Egypt World 2007 and Victor of LatinBoyz.

Blake Lewis (American Idol 6)
Braden Charron (Randy Blue)
Corey M.

Dean (Manifest Men)
Grant (AXN Retro Macho)
Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Johnny Castle (Men Magazine - March 2007)
Josh Beaudoin (MegaMuscle)
Kyle (All-American Guys)

Leandro Okabe (Terra The Boy)
Leighton Stultz (Playgirl-May 2007)
Martin de Leon (Manifest Men)

Ricky (BangBang Boys)
Tyler Cummings (Men Magazine - September 2007)
Vincent Gough (DNA Magazine)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Johnny Castle - Men Magazine's Man of the Year

Men Magazine

Parola - zipper

Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 5.86MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 1:38
Bit Rate: 521 kbps


Download >video

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Slim Shady #1

(Special thanks to Rodel for the video)

Download clip
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Video information:
Format: Windows Media Audio/Video
Filesize: 12.96MB
Dimension: 320 x 240
Duration: 3:33
Bit Rate: 521 kbps
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