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Friday, July 6, 2007

Victor Garcia - beefy Pinoy hunk

I wonder where he is now. His acting career never took off. Sad.

He may looked like your average kanto boy but I really, really have a huge crush on him back then.

While I didn't like the hair-colored pics (uso 'to nun right?), I dig the torn-shirt pic and the one with the hose. Sana ako na lang 'yung hose... LOLz

These are the only images I have of Victor. If you guys have more, please do share! Thanks!

Oh I bet there are nude pics of him just like the other Pinoy actors, hindi nga lang na-released publicly.

Images courtesy of BiPinoyGuys and Etsing69.

(click to enlarge)
Victor GarciaVictor GarciaVictor GarciaVictor Garcia
Victor GarciaVictor Garcia
Victor GarciaVictor GarciaVictor Garcia
Victor GarciaVictor Garcia

1 comment:

  1. another cute guy! i don't believe i have pics of him, but i do remember seeing the one with the hose before... thanks!


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