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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Devin: Filipino-German hunk

A blog reader shared this information about a Filipino guy in Sean Cody. I was like, "What, a Filipino in Sean Cody?"

I hurried over the link he provided on my chatbox, and voila! It turns out he's a Filipino-German naman pala.

He's hunky. I like his smile. Reminds me of a former...ahem..sex buddy.

Anyway, I realized he has two other videos where he bottomed. Aww... ayoko na sa kanya. Hehe!

Nah, I do like everything about him.


  1. ngek. bkit nga bottom. sayang naman. LOL!

  2. i like him... he's hot..
    wla bang video? please naman....
    i'm intrigued by the "filipino-german" label... PLEASE!

  3. hello po...grabe SUPER FAN ako ng blog mo....khit nung miong21 pa lang po...lagi na akong natingin at ngdodownload sa blog nyo po

    meron po ba kau ng video nya??/pls nmn po penge at kung meron po kau ng video ni chris rockway na binottom xa...pls po penge nman po...e2 po e-mail add ko...huawe@yahoo.com..pls po..plssss

  4. u have a video of him? coz i really like him regardless if bottom or top. i want him.

  5. oo nga poh..
    sa akin din po... please po..
    pwde poh sa sendspace?

  6. hey miong!

    i am partly filipino and i am from france..

    I have all three videos of him..

    Just email me at rixhe45@hotmail.com

    and btw..i have tons of videos from hot sites.

    i have accounts on Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue and Sean Cody and others..

  7. Hi Miong21!
    I'm an avid fan of your blogsite. Please post videos of RODEL VELAYO, JAO MAPA and LEANDRO BALDEMOR here in your site. I love old pinoy bold movies. I'd love to see them again. Thank you very much!! You're the best!!

  8. wow pinoy. sana we can get d video of this. hey raffy, i think i still have some of those vids, like KangKOng (rodel velayo), Gigil (leonardo litton), at may iba pa i just cant recall d title, Totoy MOla (jay manalo) u want? hehehe

  9. Hi Josh!
    I read the comment you posted in Miong's (Dave's) site. Can you please post the videos of RODEL VELAYO, LEANDRO BALDEMOR and JAO MAPA in case you have any? I also love JAY MANALO. Please post them or send it to my email: rafaellewis1180@yahoo.com. I'll be waiting for it. Thanks. You're the best. I really want to see them again. Thank you very much.

  10. HEllo mionG.........GAling tlGA bLOg mo more powers..miong hingi ka ng video ni devin yung double penetration pti sa corbin fisher mga video nla dun kay rixhe yung nag comment..thx miong

  11. KUya RIxhE pDE bgYAN mo KO videO? o kAYA emAIL kiTA?

  12. ang sarap sana nya

  13. yea, me too. please send me his videos. thanks! cute_forshort@yahoo.com

    thanks again!

  14. yung isa na download ko may password. nu ba yan
    send me naman the password oh. :D


  15. geeze--beautiful body, but only one pic????
    got more???

  16. geeze, beautiful body but only one pic!!!
    got more?

  17. can anyone send me also the vid?
    pls???im beging..hehe..
    tnx in advance

    hirs my email: jrmnzn@yahoo.com

  18. pls send me also..im begging..hehe
    tnx in advance

    hrs my email: jrmnzn@yahoo.com

  19. hey, miong

    pls send this vids to my email tnxtnx

    here's my email:

    ur was awesome!

    keep uploading hot videos


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