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Monday, October 8, 2007

Erick De Chavez

I'm not sure if Erick's Filipino. I didn't like the hairstyle though.

He has a jack-off video before back when he was still skinny but I only have a few of the screencaps. I can't seem to find the actual cum pics.

Anyway, these pictures are courtesy of ChrisGeary.com

Download the photo set
101 images, 8.54MB
password: miong21
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  1. Hey! Love your work! Was wondering.. When I try to open up any of your .ZIP folders, it asks for a password.

    Am I reaching that in error or are your files actually pass-protected? If they are, care to share that password? :)

    If you don't want to post that publicly, my email address is rawreee@gmail.com.

  2. Yes, he is a Filipino but living and married to his boyfriend, porn star Chris in UK. I met him personally here.

  3. i managed to find and save some nudes of him including his cum vid clip - he is hot!

  4. @kboi808: kindly share those clips. thanks!


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