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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 15 Sexiest Men of 2007

NOTE: List not in particular order.

I haven't been much around the internet nor the TV and magazines and movies so this listing is quite limited.

But these men were outstanding for me this year.

Other hunks who didn't make it were Anthony Church, Chris Richardson of American Idol 6, Frank DeFeo of Manifest Men, Jeremy Mulkey of All-American Guys, Jesse McCartney, Marcus Patrick, Marty Papazian, Omar Emad - Mr. Egypt World 2007 and Victor of LatinBoyz.

Blake Lewis (American Idol 6)
Braden Charron (Randy Blue)
Corey M.

Dean (Manifest Men)
Grant (AXN Retro Macho)
Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

Johnny Castle (Men Magazine - March 2007)
Josh Beaudoin (MegaMuscle)
Kyle (All-American Guys)

Leandro Okabe (Terra The Boy)
Leighton Stultz (Playgirl-May 2007)
Martin de Leon (Manifest Men)

Ricky (BangBang Boys)
Tyler Cummings (Men Magazine - September 2007)
Vincent Gough (DNA Magazine)

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